August 2013 Wantable Box Reviews (2!)

I found out about Wantable in August and immediately ordered a box. Wantable is different from other subscriptions in that you take an in-depth quiz to determine the type of products you’ll receive. You choose Love, Like, or Dislike on various categories. You will NEVER receive products you marked Dislike. For the categories you chose like or love, you’ll receive more specific questions to further personalize your box. I loved my first Wantable box and ordered a second for the month (hoping for a specific brand). I ended up returning the second box because it was too similar to many products I already own. Here’s the breakdown of those two boxes!

First look:

iPhone 8-14 074



 iPhone 8-14 096 iPhone 8-14 095 iPhone 8-14 092

CALA Lip Brush – This brush works great! I replaced my E.L.F. one with this CALA brush and am satisfied with the results.

Whip Hand Cosmetics Lip Hit – LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. It has a flexible paddle applicator, and the product goes on super smooth. I think I’ll be purchasing this product at some point!

Besame Cosmetics Lip & Cheek Rouge – *FAVORITE PRODUCT IN THE BOX!* I fell in love with this product when I saw the packaging, then again when I opened it! It’s a smooth, pigmented lip and cheek tint reminiscent of vintage makeup! It can get a little hard to blend, but I think it’s a product you learn with as you go. This product is basically the reason I ordered a second box. I noticed some people got Besame lipsticks, so I was hoping for one. I recently ordered some Besame products and will be reviewing them soon after they arrive.

iPhone 8-14 090iPhone 8-14 083iPhone 8-14 077

FACE Stockholm Lipstick – This is pretty, but a little dark on my skin tone. My sister is darker than me and loved it, so I may be gifting it to her at some point. I like the sleek packaging and product quality, just not my color!

michael marcus brow pencil – I don’t have strong feelings about this product. The cap has bristles on it and the instructions say color the brush, then use it to fill in brows. That didn’t really work for me. I may use the pencil directly on my brows or give it to someone.

echovie organic body oil – I’m always excited to see an organic product! This is a pretty good sized sample. The bottle was full, and it came in a cute little bag. I’ll use this product up!

My rating for my first August Wantable Box: B+

I liked the second box, I just realized I should return it because I have similar colors of all the products. I love that Wantable allows you to return a box if you don’t like it! Here are the pictures:

August Wantable 2

August Wantable 2

iPhone 8-23 011

The Frownies Eye Gels were a free sample. I really liked the CALA brush and Whip Hand Lip Hit (almost kept the box just for the lip gloss!). The FACE Stockholm bronzer was much too dark for my pale face. The other two lip products were nice, but I didn’t really have a need for them.

Wantable is a great new service! They have three subscriptions available: Makeup, Accessories, and Intimates. They also have a Limited Edition Halloween Makeup Box right now. A single box is $40, or you can sign up for a subscription and pay $36/box. (If you decide to subscribe, go through eBates to get 10% cash back!) You can also skip whenever you want, and you can retake the quiz as often as you’d like. So if you need eye products one month and lip products the next, it’s no big deal! I have another Wantable review coming up if you want to see more before you decide whether to purchase. They have a different curator each month. I’m loving Wantable, and I think you will, too!