Splendies Review

I signed up for Splendies again when they offered me a discount code. They said they’d improved the sizing problem, so I thought I’d give them another chance. Here’s the package I received.

The black pair is pretty basic. They were a little snug, but they’ll work. I’m not super psyched about them, but I’m not completely bummed either.

The floral pair feels AMAZING!! Probably my favorite pair of undies ever. They’re super comfy, and I’m trying to find them online to order more!

The lacy pair was much too small. I gave them to my sister, who usually wears a S/M. These were supposed to be an XL! They’re more like a medium. Frustrated with Splendies again!

Overall I loved one pair, liked one pair, and hated one pair (too small). I cancelled Splendies again. If you match up well with one of their sizes, this might be a good subscription for you. If you’re between sizes, I’d suggest looking somewhere else (UMCheeky maybe).

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August 2013 Splendies Review

Splendies is a monthly subscription service for undies!

From their website:

Splendies is the easiest way to receive a surprise package of quality undies delivered to your door every month. Just choose your size and we’ll do the rest. You’ll receive your first shipment within days of your order. Change your size any time and cancel anytime as well. And as always with your Splendies order: FREE SHIPPING. 

This was my first time trying Splendies. It costs $12/month for 3 pair of undies, but they currently have a deal going where you get your first month for $8. Splendies run small, and they highly suggest you order a size larger than normal. I second that–I ordered a size up and only 1 pair fits comfortably.

Splendies Aug 2013The blue lacy boyshorts are by a brand called Grace. They are a little small, but good quality and offer some stretch. Plus, they’re super cute! The black and pink pair were adorable and made by Spree. The back laces up with a pink ribbon. Unfortunately, they’re much too small and I’ll have to give them away. The rainbow striped pair was my favorite! There are white ribbons tied on the front, which are a bit hard to see in the picture. They’re bikini cut and made by Intimate Basics. This pair fit ok, definitely better than the other two.

In terms of value, I was pretty happy with Splendies. I paid $8 for 3 pair of cute, quality undies. The sizing upset me, and I’ll be cancelling my subscription for that reason. If you’re pretty sure a certain size will fit, I’d definitely recommend Splendies. Their customer service has been great in my dealings with them so far. In order to cancel, you have to email the company. I’ll be sure to update on how that goes. I’ve been trying to cancel my JustFab membership for about 8 months. So frustrating!

My rating for the August Splendies shipment: B-

If all 3 pair had fit, they would’ve received an A! Splendies also has a subscription service for women with curves! Just visit Volupties for more info.