August 2013 Goodies Taster’s Box

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The Goodies Taster’s box is a subscription snack box powered by Walmart. It only costs $7/month. You can choose either a Taster’s box or a Kid’s box, and you’ll receive around 5-7 snack products each month. I’ve been pretty satisfied with Goodies so far. I switched over from Love with Food because Goodies is $5 cheaper. Love with Food does offer promo codes frequently, so I resubscribe at times. (I’ll let you know when they release a code!) On to this month’s Goodies box!

August Goodies


The Goodies Taster’s Box is always packed securely, which is nice. I never have to worry that the products will be ruined. This month’s box contained 6 items.Aug 2013 Goodies

Mango Blackcurrant by Ojo Nectar – Cheers to your (eye) health. This refreshing fruit drink doesn’t just taste delightfully tropical, it’s also specially designed to help protect and preserve vision health, made with all-natural juices high in vitamins, antioxidants and omega-3s. Cute packaging, but this drink doesn’t taste great. I wouldn’t purchase it. If I need something to help my eyes, I’ll just eat carrots!

Wild Fruit by Morris National Inc. – Prepare your taste buds for a super sour experience with these tart and chewy twists of rainbow-colored candy. Vibrant fruit flavor and a dusting of sugar restore balance to your puckered palate. How sweet (and sour) it is! These are basically a sour straw candy. I gave them to my mom because I don’t usually like them. She thought they tasted pretty bad at first, but they grew on her a little. I’ve heard some other reviewers liked them pretty well, they just aren’t for me.

Sea Salt & Butter by Rocky Mountain Popcorn – You know the crunchy half-popped kernels at the bottom of each popcorn batch? The ones with crisp, concentrated corn flavor and a healthy dose of butter and sea salt? Yeah, here’s a whole bag of those perfect, delicious morsels. You’re welcome. These are popcorn kernels that aren’t completely popped. They had an okay flavor, but they’re kind of hard on the teeth. I probably wouldn’t purchase these.

Hawaiian Hazelnut by Barnie’s Coffee – As bold and delicious as freshly brewed coffee, this concentrated liquid coffee is ready – pronto. Simply stir into 10-oz of hot or cold water and enjoy the deep flavor of 100% Arabica beans with sweet, nutty notes of coconut and hazelnut. Haven’t tried this yet, but I’ll update when I have.

Veggie Chips by Snyder’s – Spinach, tomato and potato put a healthy spin on a traditionally not-so-healthy snack. Made with natural, wholesome ingredients, no preservatives or additives and 40% less sodium than regular potato crisps, these are chips you can feel good about eating. I usually like veggie chips and I’m a Snyder’s of Hanover fan, so I was excited about trying these. They don’t pack a ton of flavor, but they’re a great chip substitute. They offer a good crunch, too!

Cracker by Orion – Thin, crisp and subtly salty with melt-in-your-mouth texture and a sprinkling of sugar. This snack is having an identity crisis and we’re reaping all the benefits! Indulge in this cookie-cracker’s exotic notes of coconut and sesame. This cracker/cookie hybrid was AMAZING!! It tastes like a butter cookie with a bit of salt and a thin cracker texture. SO GOOD. Maybe my favorite product I’ve ever received in a snack box!

My rating for the August Goodies Taster’s Box: B

I LOVED the cracker/cookie by Orion & liked the Veggie Chips, and my mom liked the sour straws. We hated the drink, but the popcorn kernels were okay. We’re expecting to like the coffee. If we do, we’ll be satisfied with 5 of the 6 products, which is pretty good! If I had loved 1 or 2  more products, Goodies would’ve received an A this month. Overall, I’m pretty satisfied!

You can check out the Goodies box here. I’m not sure if there’s a waitlist or not as the website still says Beta.