Subscription Box Deals & Coupon Codes!

There are a few really great deals on subscription boxes right now!

PopSugar Must Have (a personal favorite!) has released this code for $15 off a box: XL25K3Z. If you only want one box, be sure to check the box that says ‘this is a gift’ and your subscription won’t renew. The discount makes this box $25!! If you want a shot at getting the May box, check the box that says send me an earlier box if available. If you want the June Must Have box, make sure the check box is empty. Sign up for PopSugar Must Have here.

This Month's Box

Birchbox currently has a code to get your first box for only $5! That’s 50% off!! I never see coupons for Birchbox subscriptions, so I don’t know if this one will be back again. Birchbox makes a GREAT gift. The code is SUMMERSUB. Sign up for Birchbox here.

Plus Box Subscription from Conscious Box

Conscious Box is currently available on RueLaLa. A 3-month subscription is $35 and a 6-month subscription is $65. According to RueLaLa, a 3-month sub is usually $56.85 and a 6-month is $107.70. I got really frustrated with Conscious Box last year because the boxes weren’t great, but my mom’s been getting pretty good boxes lately. It might be worth giving Conscious Box another shot! Sign up for RueLaLa here.

Will you be taking advantage of any of these deals? If so, which ones? Let me know in the comments!

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August 2013 Conscious Box Review

Conscious Box helps you discover the purest, healthiest natural products in the world from the most ethical companies! From natural beauty to health food and non-toxic home goods, you’ll find better alternatives for all areas of your life. Open up your world today with Conscious Box!” Conscious Box offers monthly subscriptions, and you can choose Classic, Vegan, or Gluten Free. The price is $19.95/month, but they occasionally offer 3-month deals on sites like PlumDistrict. Sign up for Conscious Box here.iPhone 8-14 104

I was pretty disappointed with this month’s Conscious Box. It’s the last shipment on my subscription, and I won’t be renewing. I keep receiving products I don’t like or will never use. This month’s theme was ‘The Final Kiss of Summer.’ I like that Conscious Box always gives a free postcard and uses eco-friendly packaging. This is what the box looks like when you first open it.

iPhone 8-14 105 iPhone 8-14 106

I received around 15 products in this box. Unfortunately, I won’t use a lot of them.

iphone aug 18 2013 001

Here’s a breakdown of the products as Conscious Box describes them, along with my own opinions.

Sneakz Organic Yummy Veggie Nutrition Milkshake –  Free from GMOs, antibiotics, and synthetic hormones, Sneakz Organic Veggie Nutrition Milkshake is a deliciously healthy addition to every lunchbox. Made with organic milk and packed with a full serving of fruit, Sneakz is a healthy choice in the form of chocolate milk. I’m not a fan of chocolate milk or milkshakes, so I passed this on to my mom. She loved it! She said the taste was great and it was a smooth consistency.

Happy Tot Supper Toddler Bars – Nourish your little one with this tasty, gluten-free, and organic whole grain snackbar. These super toddler bars are made with healthy ingredients such as organic sunbutter and the super grain salba (also known as chia seeds), so you can rest assured that while delicious, these are also nutritious. These bars tasted TERRIBLE. This was one of the products I actually expected to like, but I was very wrong!

Barbara’s Organic Snackimal Cereal – It can be difficult to find a fun cereal that isn’t packed with artificial ingredients and GMOs. Barbara’s Organic Snackimal Cereal is not only GMO-free, organic, and low in sugar, but it also contains 8 grams of whole grains per serving and is a downright delicious way to add some crunch to your breakfast. This cereal is great!! I expect I’ll be purchasing some at the health food store. It had just enough sweetness and a strong taste of vanilla. The shapes are cute, and the packaging is adorable. I think kids would love this cereal.

Clif Bar Sierra Trail Mix Energy Bar – Clif Bar is an excellent alternative to the many “health” bars you’ll find in your local supermarket. Made with organic oats and peanuts, Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa, and non-GMO ingredients, Clif Bar is dedicated to making healthier, more ethical, and more sustainable nutrition more widely available. Plus, as members of 1% for the Planet, Clif Bar donates 1% of total revenue to environmental organizations making a difference. I never like energy bars, so I passed this on. The feedback I received was that this product was tolerable, but not something she would choose.

Allimax 100% Allicin Capsules – Fight bacterial, fungal, and viral infections with Allimax 100% Allicin Capsules made from fresh, raw garlic. The amino acid alliin, found in garlic, is tremendously beneficial to human health and well-being, and has even been proven to combat and treat the common cold. Support your body’s natural defenses with a natural boost. I haven’t tried this product yet.

A.Vogel Herbamare Original – What do you get when you combine sea salt with 12 freshly harvested, organically grown herbs and vegetables? Your dinner table’s new best friend! Made with simple ingredients like sea salt, chives, garlic, basil, rosemary, and thyme, each dash of Herbamare will add spunk to any culinary creation. Herbamare was a nice surprise in this box. It works well as a salt substitute.

Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Jellies – Pack these yummy tutti frutti jellies in your little one’s lunchbox for a natural dose of essential omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. Supplementing omega-3 has been shown to help support healthy brain, eye and immune system function, and now you can do it with just one delicious jellie fish capsule per day. These jellies were MUCH better than other omega gummies I’ve tried. They didn’t have a fishy taste at all. Seems like a good way to get kids to take omegas!

Slumberland Snacks Sleep Squares – Feeling a little weary as we head into these summer months? Sleep Squares are deliciously simple treats that help you get a better night’s rest. Haven’t used this, probably never will.

MRM Veggie Protein – MRM’s Veggie Protein Supplement is 100% all natural, gluten-free, and vegan. It’s the perfect way to get in seven grams of protein for only 40 calories. Made with fruit and vegetable extracts and natural vanilla flavor, all you have to do is mix a packet into some water or almond milk for a nourishing protein-rich beverage. I won’t use this. I’ll probably give it to my brother to put in a protein shake.

Stash Tea Organic Lavender Tea – Stash Tea’s Organic Tea bring the rich, bold-yet-delicate flavors of some of the world’s finest flowers and herbs to life. Whether it is a scrumptiously-tart triple berry explosion, a relaxing lavender, or brilliantly unique chocolate orange, Stash Tea will leave you feeling invigorated, no matter the time of day. Pour, steep, and enjoy! Stash Tea is always a plus. I don’t know if I’ll like Lavender, but I’m sure my sister-in-law or mom will love it!

MRM Digest-All – MRM Digest-All is the perfect aid for digestion. I won’t use this. Conscious Box sent out both Digest-All and Relax-All. I would’ve used Relax-All.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood – Get all your fruits and veggies in at once with this energizing and alkalizing gluten-free, vegan, and raw superfood blend. Simply add to your beverage of choice for enhanced energy levels, immune function and a wholesome dose of vitamins. Yum! I haven’t tried this, but I know Amazing Grass is a good brand. I’ll probably give this to my mom.

My rating for the August Conscious Box: D-

I really only received a few products that I will use. Most of the products this month will be given away or thrown in the trash. If you use these types of products and have kids, I would recommend Conscious Box. I keep receiving products for kids in these boxes, which is frustrating. This box was NOT worth the money.

Are you interested in trying Conscious Box? Would you have used more of these products? Other subscribers, were you happy with your box? What’d you get this month?

Disclaimer: I paid for this box, and these are my honest opinions. This post contains referral links.