Cara Box Reveal!!



This was my first time participating in Cara Box, and it was so much fun!

Cara Box

This is how it works: You’re matched up with 2 other ladies, one who will send you a box, and one you’ll send a box to. You email back and forth with your assigned partners and get to know them for about two months. Then, you create a box for the person you’re sending to. There’s always a box theme that you should follow, as well as certain rules (5+items, $20+ value, new items only, etc). All bloggers are supposed to create a reveal post and link up on the appropriate Wifessionals post.

I was matched up with Jen @ From One Journey to the Next & Val @ Nobody Baby but You and Me. I was blown away by how much I have in common with each of these girls! I really enjoyed getting to know them over the last few months. I had so much fun creating a box for Val! She’s an amazing person, and I’m happy to know her! Jen sent me the PERFECT box. We have a mutual love for baking & Starbucks. She personalized my box by adding some Christmas stuff which made me SO HAPPY! I’m so thankful that Cara Box introduced me to Jen & her blog! I couldn’t have had a better first experience with Cara Box!

The Big Reveal:


The first thing I did was read the letter Jen included (not pictured). It was so sweet and encouraging! And it’s always nice to get a handwritten note. It takes more effort than typing!

Here’s what all was in the box:

Super cute lightweight scarf!

Jen noted that the scarf is for Texas chilly days. This is perfect! I love scarves, and a lot of the time it’s too hot around here to wear chunky ones. I’ll definitely be using this a lot!

Christmas Gift Bags

These are SO CUTE. It’s a pack of 6 Christmas gift bags that Jen buys every year. I can’t wait to give some gifts in them!

Kiss Nail Polish Set

Jen knows I’m on a nail polish kick! These are Gradiation Polishes laid out in 3 steps. I’m really excited about trying them!

eos Lip Balms (2)

I was so happy to see these in my box! I’ve wanted to try them FOREVER and for some reason I never have. I’m LOVING the passion fruit (purple) one. They’re incredibly moisturizing.

Yankee Candle Fragrance Spheres in Autumn Wreath

I’d never seen these before, but they’re great! There are these little balls in the container with scented liquid around them. You just set it out and let it do its thing! If the scent settles, you just shake it a bit. This is a delightful apple/cinnamon scent. I’ve had it out since the day my Cara Box arrived!

Christmas Containers

These containers were holding everything else, and at first I didn’t even notice they were part of my box! Jen sent these for me to put baked goods in! They’re adorable. And it made me feel good that she thought about something to do with my baking!

Starbucks Gift Card

On this one, Jen wrote ‘No explanation needed!’ I love it! A Starbucks gift card just in time to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte!


I’m so glad I signed up for Cara Box this time. It was an amazing experience, and I can’t wait to sign up again! If you want to see everyone’s Cara Box reveals, visit the main post here.