OZ Naturals’ & goPURE Naturals Youth Eye Gel Reviews

OZ Naturals’ Super Youth Eye Gel

goPURE Naturals Youth Glow Eye Gel

I’ve been trying both of these eye gels. They have pretty similar ingredients, packaging, and appearance. They both feel nice going on skin, but I haven’t noticed any big change in terms of wrinkles or fine lines. Regardless, I like using eye creams/gels, there’s something soothing about it, like being pampered! If you’re looking for strong wrinkle fighting results, these may not be right for you. Both products claim to solve various eye problems, so either could be worth a try if you have dark circles, puffiness, etc. It’s worth noting that the OZ Naturals gel can be used as an all over face treatment. I’ve tried several OZ Naturals products and been pretty satisfied with all of them. goPURE Naturals is newer to me, but I like their approach and ingredients. Both products are available on Amazon for less than $20! (Links below) Read on for more information about the products.

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