Sunday Social 1/19/14

Sunday Social

Linking up for today’s Sunday Social!

This week’s questions:

1. Top 3 Favorite Kinds of Food: Noodles, Steak, and Cheeseburgers


2. First 3 Things You Do in the Morning: Check my phone, Brush my teeth, Drink Orange Juice with a packet of Emergen-C in it


3. Last 3 Things You Do at Night: Watch a sitcom, drink some water, check my phone

menatwork rules of

4. 3 TV Shows You Never Miss: White Collar, How I Met Your Mother, Switched at Birth


5. 3 Places You Want to Visit: Australia, Fenway Park (Boston), France

fenway park

Next Weeks Questions:

1. How old were you when you started wearing makeup?

2. What are your top 3 favorite beauty products?

3. What is one makeup product you don’t leave home without?

4. What is your daily beauty routine?

5. What is your favorite hair/makeup product you’ve discovered in the last year?

I’d love to hear your answers! Leave a comment with your replies or a link to your Sunday Social post!


5 thoughts on “Sunday Social 1/19/14

  1. I love your 3 places to visit list. My husband is from Australia and we spent a month there last summer. It is amazing and the pictures do not do it justice! We spent one day in Boston a few years ago when we were on a cruise and I fell in love. I want to go back and go to Fenway! France is also on my must visit list, along with most of Europe!
    Visiting from the Sunday Social

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