12 Days of Christmas Swap Reveal

I recently participated in a Chaotic Goddess Swap–the 12 Days of Christmas! I was matched up with Beth over at Living a Goddess Life. I had such a good time getting to know her! We share several common interests, such as self-sustainability, reading, and handmade goods. She sent me an amazing package of gifts, including handmade toys for my cat, BC!

Beth labelled the gifts in order so I’d know what to open each day. It was so much fun opening a gift a day!

Day 1: three books! Beth gave me two books from my wish list (the Christmas books) and picked the other one for me based on my fascination with the 1920s and authors from that time. I was super happy with my first gift!
Day 2: A Starbucks ornament that I’ve always wanted and a new Starbucks mug! I’ve been drinking spiced tea in this mug almost every day. Love it!
Day 3: Pillsbury Brownie Pop Kit because of my love for baking! I actually made the brownies and kept the sticks and cocoa wafers for another project!
Day 4: lollipop, handmade ornament, handmade recipe cards! This gift made me smile. I love that Beth made me recipe cards!!
Day 5: nail polish and toe separators. The polish is red and green glitter–so festive! I’m thinking of using it on some crafts projects, too.
Day 6: comfy scarf perfect for slightly chilly days. Beth knows I love scarves!

Day 7: eye shadow, eye pencil, and lipstick. I always love getting makeup!
Day 8: Organic seeds from Seattle, origami flower, local chocolate. I specifically asked for some things from Seattle, so I was happy to find these!
Day 9: Bodycology lotion and handmade soap. I love both of these! The soap smells citrusy!
Day 10: gel window clings and red & green tictacs. I put the window clings on my mirror right after opening, and these tictacs are super tasty!
Day 11: handmade bracelet and samples of Printcess eye shadows! I was so hoping for this! Beth has her own mineral makeup business for literature lovers and it has just opened! The line is called Printcess and you should definitely check it out.
Day 12: handmade earrings and ring. Beth made these based on my love for the 1920s, which I thought was so sweet!

Obviously, I was very pleased with my gifts in this swap. Beth was thoughtful and spent a lot of time buying and creating gifts for me. I couldn’t be happier! You can see what everyone else got here. If you want to see the gifts I gave Beth, see her swap reveal here.

There are several swaps throughout the year. Check them out and find a few you’d like to participate in!


6 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Swap Reveal

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you liked everything! Sorry for not labeling the homemade stuff! It’s actually a bath fizzy, not soap- it’ll dissolve in water (and soften it), and it is indeed citrus! Thanks for being an amazing swap partner! 😀

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