Splendies Review

I signed up for Splendies again when they offered me a discount code. They said they’d improved the sizing problem, so I thought I’d give them another chance. Here’s the package I received.

The black pair is pretty basic. They were a little snug, but they’ll work. I’m not super psyched about them, but I’m not completely bummed either.

The floral pair feels AMAZING!! Probably my favorite pair of undies ever. They’re super comfy, and I’m trying to find them online to order more!

The lacy pair was much too small. I gave them to my sister, who usually wears a S/M. These were supposed to be an XL! They’re more like a medium. Frustrated with Splendies again!

Overall I loved one pair, liked one pair, and hated one pair (too small). I cancelled Splendies again. If you match up well with one of their sizes, this might be a good subscription for you. If you’re between sizes, I’d suggest looking somewhere else (UMCheeky maybe).

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