TV Rumblings: Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas

Saw this post and had to share it! I’m SO addicted to Hallmark Christmas movies! And Lifetime Christmas movies…and ABC get the picture. 🙂

Random Rumblings

Two random facts about me. 1) I LOVE Christmas! It is my absolute favorite holiday. 2) I LOVE Hallmark Channel movies.  They bring an immense amount of joy into my life. So combine my two favorite things and you get Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas which kicked off yesterday, Saturday, November 2. Every Saturday and Sunday until Christmas, Hallmark Channel will premiere a new original holiday movie to celebrate the season. Besides Christmas music, these movies are what put me into the holiday spirit. They can be on the cheesy side, but that is part of the reason why I love them. They are nice, wholesome and represent the spirit of the holiday and that makes me happy.  The entire schedule can be found at After the cut, are the new holiday movies premiering during the Countdown to Christmas event. Happy Watching!

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2 thoughts on “TV Rumblings: Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas

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