SockPanda Review

I’m a bit behind on reviews, so this post covers 2 months of SockPanda. The price is $11/month per pair of socks. The options are Women’s Bold, Women’s Cool, Men’s Bold, & Men’s Cool. The first month I received Women’s Cool socks, and I love them! They’re SUPER soft and made of organic cotton.


For the second month I actually ended up starting a new subscription, and I’m not sure if these are the cool or the bold socks. I liked the design, but I have super muscular man calves and won’t be able to wear them. I’m sure I’ll gift them to someone!


I really like SockPanda so far, but I don’t know how long Ill stay a subscriber. I feel the $11 price tag is a bit high. I’m obsessed with crazy socks, but I think I can beat that price and pick socks I know will work for me. I’ll do another update after my October SockPanda shipment arrives. What do you guys think? Like the socks?


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