Darby Smart Review

Darby Smart is a company I’ve told you about a few times before. They offer DIY kits that include all necessary materials and directions. They make DIY doable for everyone! I’ve enjoyed my experiences with Darby Smart so far, and I hope you’re able to find a project you’d like to try. I picked the Make A Statement Tote. The box contained a baggu tote, several paint pens/spray pens, and a stencil. I chose to use the solid blue and silver glittery pens. I was impressed with the stencil and the fact that no paint bled! I ironed the bag first and then started on the blue section. I did have problems with the pen starting to run out or not transfer as dark as when I began, but it didn’t affect the final result much. If I had a choice, I would’ve included an extra blue paint pen instead of the other spray pens. I was afraid of those because I thought they’d get paint everywhere and ruin the tote! I was really satisfied with the final result.

With stencil still on:



I highly recommend Darby Smart!! They have tons of projects to choose from and seem really focused on interacting with customers. Great company!!


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