Bamshell Accessories Box

Bamshell offers two options to customers: buy accessories, or buy a box full of accessories! The prices vary and are super reasonable. Bamshell kindly sent me a box in exchange for my honest opinion.

First of all, I’m in love with the packaging. The box made me feel like someone sent me an early Christmas present! I was pretty impressed.

Inside the box was a letter, a bracelet, and two small boxes. The letter was just printed out on a full sheet and folded up, which I think can be way improved upon. I appreciated the note, and I suspect Bamshell will upgrade to a card or something in the future. Even a cute business card that matches the box would work for me. The jewelry I received was a bracelet and two pair of earrings. I don’t have my ears pierced, but Bamshell had no way of knowing that. I’ll be happy to gift them to people I love! Also, when ordering a box you can choose which one you want, so no problem there. I really liked the jewelry I received. I recommend Bamshell to any accessories lover or anyone who wants to try out some new styles. I love the pieces I got and the bracelet will push me to switch up my style a bit!







20131002-143707.jpg Give Bamshell a try and let me know what you get!


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