Darby Smart Code!!! Tomorrow (9/5) ONLY!!


Hi guys! I have a few posts coming up soon on Darby Smart. It’s kind of like a DIY-in a box type of service marketed towards DIY-ers and people who feel like failures when it comes to Pinterest. You choose a kit to purchase and it comes with everything you need for the project, including directions! They also tell how long each project takes to complete.

From the website: 

Don’t buy style, 
make it.

At Darby Smart, leading designers launch simple DIY projects based on the latest fashion and home trends. 
We turn their projects into kits that include chic materials and simple instructions, and send them to you. Create a unique design and show off your style.

Darby Smart has offered a code to my readers–meaning YOU! The code is good for $10 off a kit and is ONLY valid tomorrow, September 5, 2013. I’ve had a great experience with the Darby Smart team so far, so I feel good about recommending them to all of you. So here it is……the code is:


I hope some of you are able to find a kit you love and use this code. I’m loving the critter ring dish & catweek canisters. If you’re planning a girls’ night in soon, consider purchasing one of their Girls Night kits. Soon I’ll be posting about the Make A State-ment Tote and 20s Inspired Headbands. After you complete your project, post pictures and tag it #MadeByMe. Leave me a comment & tell me your favorite Darby Smart kit, what you ordered, or what you made!


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