A Life Changing Book Plus A Chance to Win Over $1150 in Prizes

I just purchased this book for my Kindle. The authors are having a great promotion for the release day, December 6! The book is worth the money, and the bonuses make it even better! Plus, there’s a sweepstakes!

Have you ever felt weighed down by
life? Maybe your current circumstances feel binding, or maybe you feel
chained down by something in your past. You need to know that life
doesn’t have to be that way! 2 Corinthians 3:17 says: “Now the Lord is
the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” We
can find lasting freedom in Christ, and that is why CJ and Shelley Hitz
have written their book “Forgiveness Formula”. Written by two broken
and fragile human beings who admit to being far from perfect, this book
takes you on a journey to show you that no matter where you are in
life, or what you have endured, there is hope. It is their prayer that
God will use their book in your life as a tool to bring healing, hope,
and ultimately freedom.
The book is launching December 6th, 2011 and on that day only when you
purchase your copy you will receive 19 free gifts worth over $100, and
be entered
in your chance to win the grand prize drawing of a Kindle Fire, Nook,
or iPod Touch, or one of several other prize packs. Here is what’s
being said about “Forgiveness Formula”:
“Unlike so many Christian authors, CJ and Shelley Hitz write like real
people. To read their book is to meet two very thoughtful new friends,
who are both willing and able to help.” – Bart Campolo, Founder Mission
“Tragedy to triumph? Grief to gratitude? Shelley and CJ’s touching
transparency fleshed out to me, ‘It’s possible! There is hope!'” -Drake
Mariani, Founder MemLok Bible Memory System
To get your copy and for complete bonus and prize pack details, visit: